Woven hot pot pad, protect table, resistant mat,with A Magen David, made of Palm Date Fronds

Diameter:   23 cm./9 in.
- Can be ordered in other sizes -

A special and unique gift for friends and loved ones, special for the Shabbat table.

This Hot Pot Pad is Handmade, from Woven date palm branches. will protect your table.Heat resistant mat. Perfect for Home Kitchen Decor.

This unique Woven Pad will bring nature indoors and warmth to your Kitchen.

This Pads are made using all natural date palm fronds grown in Israel on local plantations. Palms are a natural and renewable resource, being cut every so often, then treated by me in order to be ready for use in basketry.

Handmade by Basketweaver David Grushko.

I make functional baskets from my workshop in a village north of Jerusalem. I never use prefabricated materials. I gather palm fronds, treat them, let them sit and then weave a beautiful piece for the perfect home.

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Type: Basketry

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