Open basket for Newspapers and Baguettes, Woven Basket made of Palm Branches


Height:       16 cm./6.3 in.
Diameter:   52 cm./20.5 in.
Weight:       0.7 kg./1.5 lb.

- Several sizes are available. -

 A round woven space that can be folded and stored, including a palm frond serving as a handle. Its simplicity makes it special—just a surface and a handle and you’ve got yourself a basket.

The basket can be placed on a serving table to hold bread loaves and baguettes, filled with fruit as a dining table centerpiece or even put on the floor for newspapers.

Handmade by Basketweaver David Grushko.

I make functional baskets from my workshop in a village north of Jerusalem. I never use prefabricated materials. I gather the Palm fronds, treat them, let them set and then weave a beautiful piece for the perfect home.

The Basket is made from the finest natural materials. The Palm tree branches grow in Israel at the Jordan Valley. I collect them in the autumn, I treat the fronds and keep them dry and warm for 6 months before I start to weave the branches into a functional piece of art.

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Type: Basketry

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