Hanging Wall Basket made of date stems, cornucopia Basket, Hand made, Wall & House Decoration, basket art


Height:       29 cm./11.4 in.
Diameter:   28 cm./11 in.
Weight:       0.5 kg./1.1 lb.

A date stem basket woven on top of a palm fronds, designed to be hang on the wall and incorporating a special hanger for this purpose.

This authentic item will bring nature into your home. It is suitable for storing kitchen utensils, kerchiefs and hats, stationery and letters—if placed near the front door. Many other items will be happy to rest inside the basket and absorb its natural and authentic spirit.

The basket’s shape recalls a cornucopia filled with delight and joy, an abundance of ideas, creative works, brilliant thoughts, human contact and overflowing love.

Handmade by Basketweaver David Grushko.

I make functional baskets from my workshop in a village north of Jerusalem. I never use prefabricated materials. I gather palm fronds, treat them, let them sit and then weave a beautiful piece for the perfect home.

The basket is made from the finest natural materials. The palm tree branches grow in Israel in the Jordan Valley. I collect them in the autumn, I treat the fronds and keep them dry and warm for 6 months before I start to weave the branches into a functional piece of art. 

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Type: Basketry

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