Quill Basket made of Date stems


Height:                        16 cm./6.3 in.
Diameter (with thorn): 49 cm./19.3 in.
Weight:                        0.77 kg./1.7 lb.
- Several sizes are available -

 There are times when we feel exposed and find it difficult to go about our daily routines without adequate protection. Then, like a porcupine, we create our own protective system, aiming our virtual quills at the threats surrounding us. These ‘quills’ form an additional space around our bodies, a protected space. Sometimes, a powerful fear—or simple force of habit—keeps the quills with us throughout life. We forget how to shed them and return to our original and more natural state.

Handmade by Basketweaver David Grushko.

I make functional baskets from my workshop in a village north of Jerusalem. I never use prefabricated materials. I gather the Palm fronds, treat them, let them set and then weave a beautiful piece for the perfect home.

 The Basket is made from the finest natural materials. The Palm tree branches grow in Israel at the Jordan Valley. I collect them in the autumn, I treat the fronds and keep them dry and warm for 6 months before I start to weave the branches into a functional piece of art. 

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Type: Basketry

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