A Huge woven Wall Art Mandala made of Date stems, wall basket art

Diameter:  about ~100 cm./ 39in.
Weight:      1.1 kg. / 2.4 lb.
Made on demand - you can choose the dimension.

Spaces in motion, like waves on the sea
Extending themselves inexorably.
The heavens rally to gather inside
The void between objects before it grows wide.
Empty space is a vacuum with much to reveal,
Exposing reality without being real.
It puzzles the cumbersome minds we possess,
Controlling both clarity and mysteriousness.

Handmade by Basketweaver David Grushko.

I make functional baskets from my workshop in a village north of Jerusalem. I never use prefabricated materials. I gather the palm fronds, treat them, let them sit and then weave a beautiful piece for the perfect home.

The wall art is made from the finest natural materials. The palm tree branches grow in Israel in the Jordan Valley. I collect them in the autumn, I treat the fronds and keep them dry and warm for 6 months before I start to weave the branches into a functional piece of art. 

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Type: Wall Art

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