Bamboo Weaving

January 03, 2023

Bamboo Weaving

One of the most wonderful weaving materials in the world is bamboo. Bamboo weaving is common in all countries of the Far East, from Japan, China and Korea to India. The uniqueness of bamboo is that it allows you to create on the one hand large and strong baskets and huge woven art works, and on the other hand to weave very delicate and miniature pieces with it. The bamboo plant grows relatively quickly (some species grow 1m. a day) so despite its use today, it manages to recover quickly.

Preparing the weaving

In the process of preparing for weaving, the thick and long round rod of bamboo should be turned into strips of different thicknesses. The strips that are created in a process that involves many splits, form different stripes that serve as different parts for weaving. Thick strips will be used for weaving large baskets, and thin and narrow bamboo strips allow for the weaving of delicate and small baskets. The continued fragmentation of bamboo will eventually create very thin, strong, and long fibers that today are even used to make fabrics and clothing.

I think the ability of bamboo to retain its properties despite being split to a thickness of less than 1 mm is quite unique. Although strips made from the rattan bark used to make rattan furniture also have similar capabilities, but not at the same level. Bamboo is also used in dishes and sieves for use in the kitchen, as well as being used to make edible utensils. Today it has many other uses, but I will focus on weaving only.

The splitting of the bamboo into strips as thin as threads, allow the weaving of small tools, as you can see in the video:






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